Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Heart every 20 years with Your Own Stem Cells

 Investigate the power of your own  

Adult Stem Cells

 to renew and repair your body.

It's a Wellness Fact:  Your adult stem cells constitute the body's RENEWAL SYSTEM...and  One Gram of Patented AFA Stem cell nutrition in capsules and tablets is Proven to Mobilize ( release) 3 to 5 MILLION new  bone marrow stem cells into blood circulation with 60 MINUTES of consumption! 


NO Harvesting of Stem Cells..

NO Extractions of Stem Cells

NO Injections of Stem Cells..

and Absolutely NO Controversy.. because  these are YOUR OWN Stem Cells

and they NEVER leave Your Body !


CLICK below.. See how you have a NEW HEART every 20 years ..and see WHY people in USA, CANADA, INDIA, RUSSIA and BRAZIL and over 21 other countries are so excited about AFA Stem Cell Nutrition.

New heart every 20 years

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